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Rayson Winery and Vineyards


This unique piece of land is primarily composed of Tomlin and Oak Level Loam soils, which are not known for their fertility.

Often, high-quality premium wines are produced on many low-rated soils. The characteristics sought in this type of fruit grown in poor soil tend to contradict traditional agricultural theory, as they aim for stressed fruit, emphasizing character and complexity rather than mere production. This was the case on this property, formerly known as RayLen Vineyards and Winery. Under their previous care, they planted and cared for vines now approaching over a quarter of a century old.

These vines have survived many traumatic weather events in the local region, and they have dug deeply to establish themselves, find nutrients, and produce their annual fruits of labor.

Rayson Patio Seating 2

Varietals on the Rayson Winery and Vineyards’ 35-acre vineyard site include:

  • Riesling
  • Viognier
  • Chardonnay
  • Vidal Blanc
  • Rkatsitelli
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Petit Verdot
Rayson Patio Seating 2

Additional plantings of Sauvignon Blanc, Albarino, Pinot Blanc,
and Tannat will occur in the spring of 2024.

The owners firmly believe that wine is intended to be enjoyed with food and, of course, the people closest to your heart. We believe that the wine’s character and importance are amplified by its ability to complement the nuances in a well-prepared dish, and vice versa. In our minds, it is one of the most harmonious of life’s pleasures: impeccably paired wine with food. Our full-scale restaurant, Bistro Europa, is currently in the design phase, and we anticipate opening it in the summer of 2024. In the meantime, we will offer catered light bites from JOLO Winery and Vineyard’s End Posts restaurant.

Our intention is to provide our guests with an inimitable guest experience with our friendly, well-versed, and knowledgeable team, who are an extension of our own family.

In our opinion, this is a crown jewel of the Yadkin Valley AVA here in North Carolina.

Twenty-four years ago, Joe and Joyce Neely, founders of RayLen, turned a former Davie County dairy farm into one of the state’s top wineries. RayLen Vineyards & Winery helped create and nurture North Carolina’s wine industry while crafting award-winning wines and blazing a trail for the scores of other wineries that followed. RayLen has solidified its place as an architect of the enormous growth in the North Carolina wine industry while forging a sterling reputation for wine and service quality.

The Neely’s, like JOLO, created the RayLen name from their two children. JOLO bears the names of JW and Kristen Ray’s two sons, Joey and Logan, while RayLen is derived from their two daughters, Rachel and Len. The coincidences and the serendipity do not stop there. Both organizations have built a reputation for world-class wine and guest services in a comfortable and friendly setting. Both organizations focus heavily on inimitable guest services.

Rayson Winery and Vineyards are ready to carry the torch lit by the RayLen family and keep it burning brightly through many more generations. Rayson intends to add food to the wine experience at this location as well as focus more on single-varietal wine offerings. We anticipate a closing toward the end of November after the required State and Federal regulatory approvals.

We will be providing more operational updates as we get closer to the transition date. Media inquiries can be made at info@jolowine.com.

The entire Rayson family is excited for you to experience our hospitality, wines, food, and the tranquility of our estate.” We hope to see you soon! Cheers!